Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 10th Generation
24,999.00 Rs. 24,999.00 Rs. 24999.0 PKR
Generation: All-new Kindle Paperwhite 10th Generation - 2018 release.
Display: Amazon's 6" Paperwhite display technology with E Ink Carta and built-in light, 300ppi, optimized font technology, 16-level gray scale.
System Requirements: None; fully wireless and doesn't require a computer to download content.
Cloud Storage: Free cloud storage for all Amazon content.

On-Device Storage: 8 GB or 32 GB; holds thousands of books.
Waterproofing: Waterproof (IPX8), tested to withstand immersion in 2 meters of fresh water for 60 minutes.
Accessibility Features: VoiceView screen reader, available over Bluetooth audio, provides spoken feedback allowing you to navigate your device and read books with text-to-speech (available in English only). Kindle Paperwhite also includes the ability to invert Black and White, adjust font size, font face, line spacing and margins.
Content Formats Supported: Kindle Format 8 (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI, PRC natively; HTML DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PMP through conversion; Audible audio format (AAX).

Battery Life: A single charge lasts up to six (6) weeks, based on a half hour of reading per day with wireless off and the light setting at 13. Battery life will vary based on light settings, wireless usage. Audible audiobook streaming over Bluetooth will reduce battery life.
Charge Time: Fully charges in approximately 4 hours from a computer via USB cable or fully charges in less than 3 hours with a 5W USB power adapter.
Wi-Fi Connectivity: Supports public and private Wi-Fi networks or hotspots that use the 802.11b, 802.11g, or 802.11n standard with support for WEP, WPA and WPA2 security using password authentication or Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS).

The thinnest, lightest Kindle Paperwhite yet--with a flush-front design and 300 ppi glare-free display that reads like real paper even in bright sunlight.
Now waterproof, so you're free to read and relax at the beach, by the pool, or in the bath.
Enjoy twice the storage with 8 GB. Or choose 32 GB to hold more magazines, comics, and audiobooks.
Now with Audible. Pair with Bluetooth headphones or speakers to listen to your story.
A single battery charge lasts weeks, not hours.

The built-in adjustable light lets you read indoors and outdoors, day and night.
Logitech Multi-Device K380 Bluetooth Keyboard
6,749.00 Rs. 6,749.00 Rs. 6749.0 PKR
Multi-Device K380 Bluetooth Keyboard
Portable typing on computers, phones, and tablets.

Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Android, iOS, Apple TV

Type on anything
Enjoy the convenience of desktop typing on your computer, smartphone, and tablet.

Press a button to start typing on another device.

Take-to-type style
Type wherever you like on the device of your choice.
Logitech K480 Bluetooth Keyboard
7,150.00 Rs. 7,150.00 Rs. 7150.0 PKR
Multi-Device K480 Bluetooth Keyboard
Switch typing between your computer, phone, and tablet.
Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Android, iOS

Type on anything
Enjoy the convenience of desktop typing on your smartphone, and tablet.

Switch easily between devices
Just turn the dial to switch typing between 3 connected Bluetooth wireless devices.

Type in comfort
The integrated cradle holds your phone or tablet at just the right angle for you to read while you type.

Windows and Mac. Android and iOS.
A familiar keyboard layout with shortcut keys for PC and Mac, as well as smartphones and tablets.
Logitech Media K400 Plus Wireless Touch Keyboard
7,150.00 Rs. 7,150.00 Rs. 7150.0 PKR
Logitech Media K400 Plus
Control PC-to-TV entertainment form your couch

Built-in Touch pad
Hassle-free control and freedom from device clutter.

Familiar, media-friendly key layout
No learning curve, plus easy-access volume controls and arrow keys.

10-meter (33-ft) range
Responsive, trouble-free connection, even in the largest living room.
Logitech K270 Wireless Keyboard
3,999.00 Rs. 3,999.00 Rs. 3999.0 PKR
Logitech K270 Full Size wireless KeyBoard
Windows, Chrome OS, Linux

Full-Size Comfort
Low profile, whisper quiet keys in a familiar layout.

Your Computer at your fingertips
Instantly access your music and more with 4 media control and 4 Shortcut Keys.

Plug it and forget it
Easily add a compatible mouse or number pad. Tiny receiver stays in your laptop.

Logitech Advanced 2.4 GHz Wireless (10 meters)
Fast data transmission, no delays or dropouts, and 128-bit AES encryption.
Logitech Multi-Device K375s Wireless & Stand Combo Keyboard
5,100.00 Rs. 5,100.00 Rs. 5100.0 PKR
Logitech Multi-Device K375s
Wireless Keyboard and Stand Combo

Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Android, iOS

Type and switch between devices
Switch typing between your computer, phone and tablet at the touch of a button.

Quiet comfortable typing
Large, concave keys in a full-size and familiar layout

Universal phone and tablet stand
Securely holds a variety of devices from smartphones to tablets at the perfect angle to read and type.

Windows or Mac, Android or iOS. Enjoy a familiar keyboard layout including your favorite hotkeys and shortcuts.